InterVu, Inc.

(Volume 1, No 14 - 6/16, 1997)

Address : 201 Lomas Santa Fe Drive, San Diego, CA USA 92075
Tel : 619 350 1600
Fax : n/a
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Company Overview
1. develops and markets complete, high performance, cost effective multimedia solutions and services to organizations utilizing multimedia on the Internet. InterVU delivers a quality multimedia/video experience through your Web pages.
Founder & Key Management
Harry E. Gruber - Chief Executive Officer and Founder
John Schmuhl - Vice President, Business Development
Douglas A. Augustine - Vice President, Marketing and Sales
Arnie Karush - Director, Marketing
Products & Services
InterVU Network a complete video delivery service which provides high quality, high speed video delivery over the Internet. bandwidth maximizing and proprietary software which dramatically increases audience reach and facilitates end-user access to, and use of, multimedia on Web sites.InterVU delivers a quality multimedia/video experience through your Web pages.
InterVU Player This new player provides the viewer interface to the advanced network optimization features of the InterVU Network.
EyeQ multiemdia manager
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Business Partner List : Sony, Unitel Interactive, 1492 Technologies, Optibase, Light & Sound, Idea Engineering, Digital Outpost, Beryl Communications, US Web
Customer List : Major League Baseball, Turner Broadcasting, Lifetime Television, Court Television and Sony Electronics.
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