Top 25 Bay Area Startups Making a Difference bias aside, the San Francisco Bay Area is one bad ass region. We embody ingenuity and create products that people around the world love and enjoy on a daily basis. You’re all very welcome.

Though nothing more than a pen-sized dot on your average globe, a lot goes down here. Brilliant engineering minds, vibrant recruiting teams, and young CEOs are becoming a staple in the city—seriously, when else in history has running a multi-million (sometimes billion) dollar company before turning the big 3-0 been this common?

We’ve partnered with fellow local brand Hangar 1 Vodka, quickly establishing itself as an industry leader, to recognize other Bay Area startups making California proud. Google, Twitter, and Facebook need no introduction. Cheers to small companies doing big things that you may or may not have known are locally grown.

1 | AdRoll: Ever been online shopping for a new pair of boots and the next thing you know that same pair of boots is in every advertisement no matter what website you’re on? Some call it fate, but those who know better call it AdRoll. At the ripe old age of seven, AdRoll boasts the most widely used ad-retargeting platform in the world, calling household names like Google and Facebook partners. With a 97% retention rate, this team of young people connects brands with their “most likely to succeed” customers.

2 | Afterlight: If you’re an avid Instagramer (#WhoIsntTheseDays), you’ve noticed more and more photos with thick white borders, light beams, and filters that go above and beyond the average X-Pro II and Hefe. This Sacramento-based company of two (yes two) people is taking over the photo editing market, establishing a new style that competitors are mimicking all around the world. Simplifying professional-level photo editing tools for the average person to turn iPhone pics into decent looking works of art–making ordinary people, places, and things look extraordinary.

3 | AGOGO: Who are the all stars of the 2014 NBA season? Is the Ukraine on the brink of civil war? Do animals like music? Pretty much anything you ever wanted (and didn’t want) to know about is now in one place, ready for your ears. AGOGO brings together top news, music, and entertainment platforms to produce one go-to place for people to hear their favorite things, all the time. Listen to what both Fox News and NBC have to say about the same subject matter in one click. Catch multiple ESPN interviews on a single player in one channel. Time to listen up.

4 | Airbnb: For the longest time, there was no reasonable middle ground between an expensive hotel and a dirt-cheap hostel when it came to world traveling, unless of course you knew someone who knew someone with a spare room wherever it was you were going. Now people can input their destination, budget, travel dates, and number of guests in exchange for a plethora of detailed, photographed listings of available housing options. On the flip side, people all over the world are uploading their homes, lofts, and yes, even castles, for their fellow humans to choose from and enjoy. With 600,000+ worldwide listings, Airbnb continues to change the way the human population explores the world.

5 | CreativeLive: Technology is continuously allowing people to learn about the world and connect with one another, more so now than ever before. In a time where education is an expectation and tech degrees become outdated in a matter of years, CreativeLive presents a plausible solution. Introducing industry experts in a classroom setting to people in the comfort of their homes is quickly becoming a new reality. Now you can learn the latest version of Photoshop, get professional tips on launching an online business, and even find out how to market yourself on YouTube, all without putting on pants. (Please consider pants before your YouTube debut.) Isn’t technology great? 25 Bay Area Startups Making a World of Difference | 7×7

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