These Are the Most Sought-After Startup Jobs Are the Most Sought-After Startup Jobs Startups need to hire the right talent to help steer towards success. They tend to offer a laid-back, dynamic environment, where you can improve, develop, and be a part of something special.

We’ve taken a look at the hottest startup jobs to see which are some of the most sought after roles in startups across Europe, based on those that have solicited the most applications to date.

1. Business Development (18.47% Application Rate) This person is usually responsible for creating long-term value for the company. Networking is their middle name, it’s all about client acquisition and retention. They feel most comfortable when interacting with others and creating relationships that bloom into opportunities for growth.

2. Online Marketing (18.13%)

3. Business Intelligence Analyst (BIA) (13.09%)

4. Sales Agents (10.57%)

5. Customer Service (9.7%)

6. Front End Engineer (5.96%)

7. Back End Engineer (5.29%)

8. Full Stack Engineer (4.22%)

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