Last year I wrote a blog post about leaving a large consulting firm to join a startup. That post got thousands of views and at least a dozen people have asked for my advice on making a similar transition. Here are some of my thoughts. Please post any additional advice you might have in the comments (I am certainly not the most qualified person to respond to this question!).Q:

Michelle  -I really enjoyed reading your posts on why you left consulting and how you knew it was time to quit. I thought I’d reach out since it struck a chord with me. I’m really interested in joining a startup for many of the same reasons you were. Based on your experience, what’s the best way to go about finding the right (or better) type of startup/environment/role coming out of a consulting gig? Clearly, you don’t just apply to a position, and yes “networking” plays an important role, but what, if any, are useful and specific steps to take in that direction?

A: Thanks for reading my posts! Here are some things you can do to introduce yourself to the startup world.

You’re right that startups won’t be seeking you out, but they need smart people who are ready to tackle a variety of problems. It’s on you to show up on their radar! Hope this helps.

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