Blogging your way to your dream job at a startup – you want to work at a startup. You know how to handle interviews and you know what startup skills you need. You know your strengths and can’t wait to hustle.

Three years ago, I was in the same position. After working in the corporate world of fashion at Louis Vuitton and Aritzia, I was dying to work at a startup. I was particularly energized by Wantering, an up-and-coming fashion tech company, so I wrote a blog post on my personal fashion blog about why I thought Wantering was so game-changing.

To make a long story short, the founders were ‘alerted’ to my story via social media, the CEO and I ended up on a coffee date, and shortly after, I was the newest member of the Wantering marketing team. I have since been involved in a number of startup businesses, and I am currently working with Notey, a discovery platform that curates the world’s best blogs.

Based on my experience, startups strive to perfect their product and find the perfect product-market fit. When it comes to hiring, startup founders likewise continually strive to find that perfect employee-company fit. After all, it’s common knowledge in the startup world that “culture in a company is set by your first 10 to 15 hires” (Wall Street Journal). This may be surprising to hear but…what better way is there to show your would-be employers how awesome you are than through a blog?

Not only is a blog actual, tangible proof of your versatile talents and online prowess, but a blog also demonstrates your passions, creativity, style (both in writing and otherwise), and your ability to think outside the box and manage a brand (that’s you!), all at the same time. A blog also gives potential employers a window into the way you work, like how you process information and solve problems.

Before we dive in…are you reading this article but, in all honesty, are having trouble imagining yourself at a startup? While they do get a reputation for their 21-year-old brogrammer CEOs, trust me! That doesn’t mean there isn’t a company, mission, and team that is a perfect match for your unique experience.

Or are you worried you have to be super techy to get in on the startup craze? You’d be surprised how far a little bit of tech skills can take you in an interview and on the job. Even if you’re not a full-stack programmer, knowing some basics, like HTML and CSS (and blogging platforms like WordPress) can be the secret ingredient that puts you over the edge to getting hired. And blogging can be the perfect way to establish your expertise and prove your value.

If you’re going to work for a startup, expect to juggle multiple responsibilities in the course of your career. Because startups are usually fast-paced, you have to learn on-the-go, take on countless responsibilities, and constantly (and efficiently) switch between what might ‘normally’ be delegated between five people — all on a daily basis. And blogging can help prepare you for a work environment like that (and even make you more qualified for the job in the first place). Here are four reasons why blogging will help you land a startup job:

1. You’ll develop a strong personal brand

2. You’ll reach people and get noticed

3. You’ll refine and develop your skills

4. You’ll boost your confidence

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