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http://www.getdigsy.com/blog/startups/7-things-corporate-wont-tell-startup-jobs/7 Things Corporate Won’t Tell You About Startup Jobs | Digsy It seems that working for a startup is now a “hip” and “cool” trend when it comes to considering a new job.  I might just be noticing it since I am working at a startup and people get very interested when I mention it, but interest in startup jobs is definitely growing. Just check out the chart below if you don’t believe me.

Sure, working at a startup sounds cool. You’ve heard about the perks: kegs every Friday; foosball tables in the office; unlimited vacation days — benefits you likely wouldn’t get at a normal 9-to-5 corporate job. Even though working at a startup is fun and exciting, it’s not always a party. You bust your ass every day (even weekends), and if you blow it, you could bring the whole company down with you.

That said, I firmly believe that working at a startup has changed my life and I’m loving the fast pace of everything. Every day there is something new to tackle. I started full-time here as Digsy’s first employee about 14 months ago and thought it would be beneficial to share my experience. Additionally, I asked seven other people who are also currently employed at startups to share their experiences working at a startup. So, let’s dig in:

We are creating something together, and it’s up to us whether we make it big or we fizzle out.  There’s something very unique about that feeling.

Bailey Nelson – Marketing Manager – EveryMove

Brent Chow – Co-Founder and CEO – Bolt

One of the first things I noticed when I started working at Digsy was how much of an impact I had. Digsy has 4 employees: the three co-founders and me. Before Digsy, I had previously worked a corporate job at Chase bank, and my experience at Digsy has been a complete 180° from my previous position. I’m not just another drone in the hive.

I am always included on big meetings about the future of the business, something usually reserved for high level executives at a corporation. No matter how mundane of a task I complete, the team is always there to let me know that I’ve done a great job. Being able to see how my efforts have a direct result on our success is very rewarding.

Reilly Starr -Director of Public Relations – CARD.com

Betsy Rogers – Account Executive – InternMatch

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