25 Feb 2013

Executive Chief Executive Officer

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Job Description

Oshman Family Jewish Community Center

Chief Executive Officer

Palo Alto, CA


The Taube Koret Campus for Jewish Life opened in the Fall of 2009, with the Oshman Family Jewish Community Center (OFJCC) and the Moldaw Residences as the principal tenants, fulfilling the community’s dream of creating a multigenerational environment where people of all ages can live, learn, play and connect in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Today, the OFJCC has over 9,000 members, an operating budget of over $18 million and nearly 300 employees.  It is the 10th largest JCC in the US.  The OFJCC leadership seeks a new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to lead the Center into and through its next exciting chapter of growth and development.


With a focus on inspiring strategic leadership, the incoming CEO will work with staff, leadership and the community on a strategic vision, innovative programmatic expansion and collaborative partnerships that are relevant to the Center’s priorities and community needs.




The OFJCC aspires to be a Jewish neighborhood where the entire community is welcome.  In order to further a flourishing Jewish community in this and future generations, it serves as a nexus for all to gather and form friendships and connections enhanced by broad and rewarding offerings and activities.

In addition, the OFJCC offers a common ground for Jewish institutions, synagogues and agencies to gather and cooperate for the betterment of the whole community.




The OFJCC is a 21st century Jewish neighborhood that strengthens our Jewish community, values, and traditions as we:


  • Provide a meeting place for all that fosters the creation of new connections and friendships while strengthening existing ones and creating lifetime memories.


  • Partner with established and emerging Jewish institutions and communities to create bridges to the broader community.


  • Offer outstanding civic, educational, recreational, wellness and cultural programming that celebrates the diversity and innovative spirit of our region and addresses our core values and common concerns as Jews.


  • Facilitate connections with Israel and Jews worldwide.




Neighborhoods are where community happens. They are where people meet in familiar surroundings. They are where people hang out or walk around or go to find friends. A neighborhood is a place where just choosing to be there is a voluntary act of belonging. The OFJCC is Silicon Valley’s Jewish neighborhood, where we strongly live the following core principles:


  • K’lal Yisrael  (Jewish Peoplehood)


  • We are building a trans-denominational Jewish community that reflects the complexity of Jewish identity and the diversity of Jewish expression.
  • We actively seek to facilitate connections between and among Jews and the Jewish community.
  • We foster meaningful connections to the land of Israel, the people of Israel, and the Jewish community worldwide. We promote active collaborations to build lasting Jewish commitment and memories.


  • Hachnassat Orchim (Welcoming)


  • We create a nurturing, supportive and safe environment, with doors open to people from all backgrounds.
  • The JCC is a place where Jews are welcome no matter where or whether they worship, whatever their age or lifestyle. We see value and potential in Jews associating with each other in a warm, supportive environment.
  • We are open to all without regard to race, religion, ability or disability and committed to inclusiveness, representing the diversity of the communities we serve.
  • We maximize accessibility of services for people of all means and abilities.


  • Tikkun Olam (Repairing the World)


  • We actively seek to better ourselves, our families, our communities, and our world.


We seek to reach out to and work in partnership with others who share a common vision.




The OFJCC has established specific program areas that it considers core competencies and in which it focuses particular attention on providing exceptional programs and services.


The Richard and Rhoda Goldman Sports and Wellness Center is a 45,000 square foot facility that includes an indoor waterpark and outdoor pool, state of the art fitness center and indoor sports facilities. It houses dozens of special classes and leagues and is the home court for the neighboring Jewish day schools.  The Sports and Wellness Center is managed by Club One, a professional company that manages fitness facilities including many at JCCs.


The Leslie Family Early Childhood Center encompasses a successful preschool program as well as programming and education for families.  The JCC preschool has 250 children enrolled in its campus facility and has begun a satellite program at a nearby synagogue.   The ECE program hosts more than 1,000 children in its summer camp program each summer, ranging in age from 2-13.  The OFJCC runs a successful after school programs for children K-8 as well as programming for teens.



The Israel Cultural Connection, the ICC, is a prime example of the innovative spirit of the OFJCC.  The Bay Area is home to over 40,000 Israelis.  The ICC was created to offer exciting educational and social programs for the local, Hebrew speaking community as well as engage the entire Jewish community in exploring Israeli culture and ideas. It has been one of the most successful programs in the country, attracting thousands of the large Israeli community in the South Peninsula to its programs.


The Albert L. Shultz Cultural Center is a 20,000 square foot state-of-the-art theater and meeting facility with retractable seating for performances and banquets.  It is the showcase for the JCC’s growing cultural arts and performance programs and a popular rental facility for organizations throughout the community.




Palo Alto and the surrounding communities served by the OFJCC are home to numerous high technology and biotech companies including Google, Facebook, Apple, Cisco Systems, Hewlett-Packard, eBay, Genentech and Yahoo!.  Many of the local corporations offer JCC memberships to employees, especially for the use of our fitness center. Stanford University is in close proximity to the Center, with several other colleges and universities in the area. The catchment area of the OF JCC spans south to Sunnyvale and Cupertino, and north to Atherton and Menlo Park.  Silicon Valley, Stanford University and a quality public school system continue to draw Jews to the region.  The Cultural Center has become a widely used rental facility for academic, organizational and corporate meetings as well as family celebrations.

The South Peninsula region of the San Francisco Bay Area is a notable and growing Jewish community.  Today it is estimated that this vibrant Jewish community comprises more than 100,000 people. It is a unique demographic, younger on average, highly educated, innovative, affluent and growing. It is a diverse community with a large, successful and growing Israeli and Russian population.  The community has seven synagogues, two Jewish day schools, and a Jewish high school in addition to numerous organizations that strive to meet the unique needs of this Jewish community.




The idea of a community campus was conceived in 2001, when the space that housed the long time JCC was no longer available to lease, and an unusual 8.5 acre site became available.  With a vision for a community campus in mind, local lay leaders with the support of the Jewish Community Federation and Endowment of San Francisco, the Peninsula, Marin and Sonoma Counties partnered to secure the property and financing.  A total of $140 million was raised from 580 donors, 31 of whom made donations of $1 million or more.


After breaking ground in 2007, a small staff and group of lay leaders worked in trailers during construction to oversee the project, design its programs, recruit staff and faculty, and raise funds.  The new campus, called the Taube Koret Campus for Jewish Life, opened on time and on budget in 2009.  The Campus is a collaborative effort of the Oshman Family JCC and the Moldaw Residences.  The Moldaw Residences, is a 193 unit independent and assisted senior living establishment that is overseen by the Jewish Senior Living Group.  The residents enjoy the facilities and programs on the campus, which is an environment that is energized by school children, teens and families each day.


The Campus also encompasses the Kehillah Jewish High School, and the Meira Academy, an Orthodox Jewish Girls’ High School.  In addition, the OFJCC rents space to other Jewish and non-Jewish organizations, a café, and gift store.    For more information visit: www.paloaltojcc.org.




Following the successful opening and first years of programs at the new campus, OFJCC leadership seeks a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to lead this agency through its next chapter of growth. The Board seeks a strategic and visionary leader with a passion for Jewish life and whose intelligence, style, communication and executive leadership skills will stimulate creativity in programs and services, as well as maintain standards of continued excellence in how services are implemented and funded.


The CEO will be a visible organizational and community leader, and will play a leadership role in the JCC and throughout the Jewish and general community.   The new CEO will lead a talented professional staff and continue the JCC’s focus on extraordinary service and program excellence.  The CEO, staff and Board will work together to enhance current programs and launch new initiatives to meet the needs and interests of the region’s dynamic Jewish population.  The CEO and senior staff will continue to create, innovate and manage their areas while developing more interaction and collaboration among themselves and their programs.


The CEO is responsible for determining the future direction of the organization as part of a strategic planning process based on currently defined strategic objectives.  Implementation of and getting buy in from employees, board and community of the plan will be critical to the future success of the organization.  Building the JCC brand, growing member loyalty and building visibility of the full range of activities offered will also emerge as “next phase challenges”.


The CEO will build upon existing successes in reaching out to the community to increase the centrality of the JCC among the local Jewish population and the wider Silicon Valley community.  This process will include greater outreach and collaboration with area organizations, schools and synagogues.


These strategic initiatives and brand definition will be critical to ensuring successful fundraising and operating surpluses.  A new CEO will need to devote significant effort to annual fundraising and pay careful attention to the Center’s budget and operating P&L.  S/he will manage the financial obligations and sustainability of the JCC and will actively fundraise and seek additional capital contributions.  It is expected that s/he will be visible and accessible to agency staff, leadership, members and users.  S/he will be active in relationship building with funders, donors and partners, and is expected to play a significant role in the fundraising activity of the organization.




  • Strong leadership skills including the ability to articulate an inspiring organizational vision; manage the agency from a “big picture” perspective; lead and foster inclusive participation in the decision-making process; and employ strategic and critical thinking skills proactively.


  • Executive experience and skills developed as a senior executive in the nonprofit and/or business sector with a record of progressive achievement in organization leadership, management, administration and financial operations, and fundraising. An open, flexible and inspiring leadership and management style conducive to fostering collaboration and a team approach.


  • Experience managing and leading a budget that includes numerous profit and loss centers (similar to the JCC’s $18.4 million budget), a large facility and nearly 300 employees. Ability to balance and integrate the core values of a nonprofit mission-based agency with the use of business models and tools.


  • Experience with fund development with skills in business development, relationship management, stewardship and asking for significant donations. Ability to effectively and persuasively “sell” the JCC to current and potential members, users, donors and various stakeholders throughout the community. Comfort in interfacing with high net worth individuals.


  • Creative and innovative manager; comfortable leading in “fluid” environments, taking risks and experimenting.  Experience in planning for and leading change in organizations and working with organizations and groups focused on continual improvement and excellence.


  • Excellent interpersonal, communications and diplomatic skills, along with the ability to partner with all the professional and volunteer leaders throughout the community.  Ability to present oneself and communicate in a manner that garners trust and will challenge and inspire volunteer leadership and professionals. Ability to build consensus and engender cooperation between lay leadership and professionals.


  • A passion for issues affecting Jewish communities and Israel.  Commitment to enhancing Jewish life and culture.  Pluralistic non-judgmental view and comfort with all streams of Judaism.


  • Exhibit impeccable personal, ethical and professional standards.




Leadership & Executive Management

  • Lead and execute the strategic, operational and creative direction of the Center.   Working with the Board and staff, articulate and develop strategic plans and initiatives.


  • Refine, articulate and implement a shared vision and programs that reflect the unique mission of the JCC and its potential impact in the Jewish community and the community at large. Maintain a focus on proactive planning that will identify and take advantage of, or respond to, emerging trends and needs.


  • Lead, motivate, supervise and evaluate a high-performance senior management team.  Attract, hire and retain qualified professionals.


  • Set and advance a positive, success-oriented and collaborative culture within the organization.  Ensure that the JCC’s vision, values, brand, and strategic priorities are evident and consistent in every aspect of the organization, including its staff and programs.


  • Lead and participate in strategies to expand the use of JCC facilities as well as strategies for outreach and community-building outside of the JCC facility.


  • Oversee the creation of an effective marketing plan and support materials for all agency programming.


  • Effectively manage any crisis using superior decision-making skills, in consultation with Board leadership and senior staff. Maintain open lines of communication with the Board, staff, members, community and media.



Financial and Operational Management

  • Responsible for determining and meeting financial goals, annual budgets and metrics.


  • Responsible for the overall operational performance of the Center and for ensuring that revenues and expenditures are consistent with the budget approved by the Board.


  • With the CFO, and senior management team, ensure strong fiscal management, systems and accurate reporting for the agency.


  • With the senior management team and Board, regularly evaluate the management and status of the agency’s financial resources and procedures.


  • With the senior management team, develop a full business model and an administrative and operational plan for the agency including human resources, finance, facility management, security and emergency preparedness.


  • Refine criteria to evaluate program areas and new initiatives to determine which merit investment or continued support. Oversee research, evaluation and planning to ensure results-oriented, cost-effective and successful program and services.


  • Creatively develop other revenue streams to support programs that may not produce revenue but are core to the Center’s mission.


  • Ensure that there is regular reporting to the Board and its appropriate committees on financial issues.



  • Work closely with the Board leadership, development staff and outside consultants to raise necessary funds for enabling the JCC to meet the current and anticipated future needs of the community, its members and users.


  • Play a leadership role in fundraising efforts including participation in events, cultivation of current and prospective donors, solicitations and planned giving.


  • Develop new funding opportunities to support new initiatives and programs.


Program and Service Development

  • Lead staff in assessing and revising goals pertaining to program creativity and excellence.  Maintain a focus on proactive planning that will identify and take advantage of, or respond to, emerging trends and needs.


  • Work with staff to monitor program costs and effectiveness.   Institute consistent methods of program evaluation that are appropriate to the mission of each activity.  Ensure that programs are aligned with the JCC’s mission and community priorities.




Community Relations

  • Together with the Board President, serve as a key spokesperson of the JCC’s vision, values, programs, challenges and achievements.  Represent the organization throughout the Jewish community and the community at large, with private and public funders and national and international Jewish organizations.


  • Communicate regularly with other organizations and synagogues to seek collaboration and partnerships in program development.


  • Continue and improve the constructive relationship with the leadership of the Jewish Federation and its Endowment Division.


  • Identify and promote opportunities to partner with and share resources with synagogues and organizations throughout the Jewish and general community.



  • Act as the primary liaison between JCC Board and staff.


  • Work with the Board President to set objectives and agendas for the Board and its committees.


  • Partner effectively with the Board and its committees to maximize their efforts and maintain a focus on the mission and vision for the JCC.


  • Partner with the Board leadership to identify and recruit new Board members.


  • Lead the Board’s evaluation and revision of its fundraising goals.





An attractive and competitive package, commensurate with other senior executive communal positions, is available.


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