Director, Product Development - San Mateo, CA

Zvents is looking for a seasoned product management professional to lead our distribution and engagement strategies and our product prioritization and roadmap. The product director will apply world class skills and experience to lead the integration of customer and competitive insights, the definition of product requirements, roadmap prioritization and scheduling, product performance analytics, and overall excellence in product delivery.

The Product Director will play a central role in defining the key growth opportunities for the company, and will work closely with managers in product, marketing, engineering, QA, sales and finance to ensure our strategies drive business results, and our execution is flawless.

Key responsibilities:

  • Drive consumer-facing product strategies aimed at driving distribution and user engagement, taking into consideration business objectives, customer needs, competitive landscape, and resource constraints. Work collaboratively with the engineering, QA and marketing teams to present a cohesive product strategy and roadmap.
  • Manage an effective product planning and prioritization process across Zvents that results in clearly defined quarterly roadmaps and excellence in execution (on-time / on-budget delivery according to commitments).
  • Be a leading consumer advocate, and instill the voice of the consumer throughout the organization to ensure that Zvents delivers a truly great end-to-end user experience.
  • Work closely with the business development team to ensure media partner needs are clearly articulated and incorporated into distribution product strategies. Deliver world class solutions in our partner platform (ZMP) and our API (web & mobile).
  • Collaborate closely with engineering in the planning and implementation of technical solutions that best deliver on our customer requirements.
  • Continuously analyze the product’s effectiveness based on objective and subjective feedback. Adapt strategy to ensure optimal performance.
  • Drive multi-variant testing efforts that drive continuous performance improvements, including helping to build out our testing and analytics capabilities.

Experience & temperament:

  • A mature and energetic leader who can influence and drive cross-functional teams in a decisive, yet collaborative manner.
  • Highly organized and efficient. Must be capable of driving an effective product planning and delivery process that increases team productivity and pride.
  • Able to envision and articulate product strategies that will delight consumers and partners, and drive increased distribution and engagement across the network.
  • Deep understanding of web technologies, including FE, Search, Content Classification, and mobile. Experience developing world-class products and experiences using an agile-like engineering process.
  • A strong analytical orientation. You must be comfortable gathering and analyzing performance and business data independently.
  • Significant experience leveraging competitive analysis, customer research, user testing, and data analysis in the development of product requirements and revisions.
  • The successful candidate will be smart, candid, direct and non-political, with a highly developed sense of ethics, energy, confidence, creativity and ambition. A team-oriented, assertive personal style; highly developed interpersonal skills, adept as an influencer and negotiator.

Send your cover letter and resume to jobs at zvents dot com.

Posted 26 May 2009 6:47 PM by admin
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